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Reaching the goals through preparation, hard work and enormous dedication is what a person needs the most .There are several ups and downs in this battlefield of intense competition where a person has these obstacles in front of him .These obstacles are, however parameters to judge and evaluate the persons eligibility for particular post or field .One of these “obstacle” or parameter in well defined words is “job interviews” .

Job interviews evaluate the candidates. The person, now in the whole process of interviews is not the individual “person” but a candidate competing for a post among the other candidates where his capabilities are judged through same predetermined criteria. Here the candidate will undergo self reflection of how much he knows and what are his capabilities for the particular area of expertise. He can have rough analysis on how much he knows and what area he needs to works the most but sometimes the criteria is not actually meant or designed effectively .As these candidates are required for post or particular field but how a simple rough interview can be implemented for several candidates each with their own capabilities questions the effectiveness of this whole criteria. The interview should aim to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate vis-à-vis the job requirements. This is also a good opportunity to inform the candidate about the job and what is required of him/her. The interviewer should invest some effort in painting a good picture of the venture by mentioning the good reputation of the entrepreneur, the growth prospects of the company, and the exciting challenges ahead. There are many types of interviews like Behavior-based interviewing (BBI) is used to assess how you have handled specific employment related situations in your previous job which will help them evaluate your future performance. However, in Case interviews person will be given a situation and asked how he would manage that specific situation and/or solve a business problem. Most instances, there isn’t necessarily one right answer or indeed one way of approaching a problem; interviewers are looking for a structured approach that is effectively communicated. It is about finding a way to gain insight, even when there is no obvious solution, and explaining effective processes that you would use for uncovering the underlying issues .A stress interview, as the name indicates, is used to assess how you respond to stress and under extreme pressure. In contrast to other interview types where hiring managers will make an effort to make you feel at ease, this is not the case during a stress interview.

During this type of interview hiring managers will be trying to gauge how well (or badly) candidate would handle certain stressful situations at work like “Why were you fired from your last job?”or “How do you think this interview is going?”however in Competency based interviews which are also known as “structured interviews” and are used by hiring managers to assess candidate soft skills and interpersonal competencies. The skills and competencies candidates are assessed against vary depending on the position they are interviewing for. There can be panel interviews too. During a panel interview, candidate will be interviewed by multiple interviewers from the same organization and/or an external company. The goal of this type of interview is to minimize the risk of a bad hire. Panel interview questions will vary depending on the company and the position candidate applying for. These can be questions such as:”How would a colleague describe you?”There are also video and remote interview. In Video and remote interviews, when the applicant and interviewer are separated by distance, have become much more common. Video interviews can either be with the hiring manager or a recruiter and they can be either in person or ‘on demand’. On demand means you will record your responses to a number of interview questions for the hiring manager to review. Interviewing in this way allows the hiring organization to tap into a wider, more diverse pool of talent. Phone interviews on other hand can often be one of the first steps in your interview process. More and more, companies are carrying out pre-interview telephone screening before inviting the person for a face-to-face interview,other types of interviews are mock interviews.

Job interview thus has its own ups and downs just like every rose has thorn. Although it is simple but its effectiveness is questionable and bit outdated as there is no other option to choose the capabilities what a particular candidate requires and needs to work in. In the end there is lot more to be questioned before ”WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU?” So that job interview can serve its purpose effectively.

We are providing 10,000+ Question Bank in PDF format which will help you in getting good marks in your interview exam.

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