1. What is the best time to contact a potential customer?

2. Should you try to sell our product to a person who can't afford it by giving option of EMI?

3. If a person is not picking your call, how will you approach him?

4. Do you believe in our product? 

5. Does a product matter to a salesperson?

6. If a potential customer calls you during midnight, will you talk to him/her?

7. If you achieve your sales target before month end, will you still try to sell our product or take a leave for few days?

8. Will you try to sell our product to your friends/family to just meet your target?

9. What if you don't get a holiday on Diwali or Christmas but instead got a nice bonus, which one will you prefer?

10. Can you lead a sales team in future? If yes, how will you motivate them?