Neet 2023 is going to held on 7 May 2023.

City Intimation Slip 

Last week of April

Neet 2023 city intimation slip is going to be released this week.

Admit Card

2nd May 2023

Neet 2023 admit cards are going to be released on 2nd May 2023.

Important Instructions

NEET exam is very crucial, please try to locate exam center 1 day before exam, don't waste your time just ask your elders to do this.

Important Instructions

Take proper sleep, 6 hours every day so that you don't get burnout before exam.

Important Instructions

Don't learn anything new, just revise the what you have learned everyday.

Important Instructions

Don't listen to youtube videos about important topics, if you have done whole syllabus you will know by yourself.

Important Instructions

Beleive in yourself.